Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Week in the (Rear) View....

Oh contrair, pubic hair...this week was my bitch in heat and she gave me plenty to cheer about with my pom-pons made from the yeast kefir drainage left over after my *345th sex change operation. If you're counting, that means I am once again back to having 4 cocks and a mouth vagina.

With that rhetorical waste out of the way, let us have a look-see at the past 7-10 days through the lens of my hand-held device that also serves as my vibrator...enjoy, you sick (skinny) puppies.

(and a little look into the future...Chasm is yet again hosting another legendary parking garage ride Monday night...spank me and call me Susie.)

And now Vincent at Velo+  is carrying the mostest awesomest cycling hats in the known universe...get out there and drink coffee and buy shit you freetards. ( as well as Forked Apparel - another local, cycling-centered small business)

And last but not leased...the friend that recently borrowed my Krampus and Pugsley single-speeds made a life-affirming decision: He bowed down to the Goddess of Fat and built up a new Pugs of his very own. His days in KC are numbered, but he will be back in Texas, repeatedly running over Rick Perry's pencil dick with his 4" proud are we, the purveyors of Pork.

I myself and I abused this beautiful beer delivery system so harshly last night that I am dead to her now, because after 12 hours and *49 cups of coffee I am still too drunk to drive...

Queefer King out...

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