Monday, May 19, 2014

Post Acock-a-lick-tip Wurl Dumbi-nation...

It has been a busy 7 days -also formerly categorized as a week - here in the Palatial Palace de TwatCunt, what with the weather gawds cooperating by providing trail-manna from heathen, as well as the Mikey of Whitey and I moving on to making an order for the Wurl's bestest socks: 8Lumens "fuck yeah" *456 inch-cuff woolies from Sock Guy. There was also a very chilly/drunky bike-in movie put on by Bike-WalkKC at the eponymous Blvd.Drive-in, wherein Handleballs and I were the only teamy members aroused enough to attend….though did I see a little beach-blanket bingo being played by Mr. Balls and his new squeeze?

This week also bodes well for the outer alcoholic without me…Clips of Faith by New Belgium is here in KCMO Thursday night; and my history over the last 4 years of this event is sketchy at best: if you are unlucky enough to run into me late in the evening you will be adorned with a free Taddihogg cycling hat if you only give me a big kissy kiss kiss. 

And if you like Fatbikes, Fatchicks or Fatchubbies, go on Facefuck and let uncle Gomez know that you want one of these fine specimens…and yes I have already received  an epic hummer from Fatima, pictured above. 

Put in a few miles - 1.5 hours - out at an old favorite trail system on the Kansas side this morning ( Kill Creek)  and was rewarded with overgrown, poison ivy-ridden single track, which is still more fun than anal probe given by a rabid ostrich…which, speaking from experience is more satisfying than it may sound. Buy now. War in.

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