Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bang the Shitty.


     I can taste failure, and its bittersweet aroma fills the air with a stench akin to roses strewn amongst a million decaying skunks: success is only properly measured by the poverty of attempt; pleasurable recreation achieved only through a suspension of acumen. Hereby and forthwith, I am converting to Scientology and marrying a forth wife, siring 17 more offspring and drinking only herbal teas made from the mint growing in my beard...I fear this is the only solution to an extended childhood, a prepubescent stasis that has poisoned every cell left in my cerebrum, a cavity that is so empty of all things responsible and Gawdly, that I shall be arrested for crimes against huFEMity. Butt, all good things come to those who wait, so maybe I'll postpone my transition until The Pirate arrives this Sunday, and the Crew of 8Lumens has their quarterly sacrificial Bored Meeting, wherein beer will be abused and single-track and single-speeds will be ground to a bloody pulp....

This last weekend, the powers that Be held what ended up being called Shitty Shitty Bang Bang in the West Bottoms of KCK and KCMO; and it turned out to be a vainglorious amalgam of hate, love and FUBAR'd bikes: truly the best time the Boner Ghost has had in a fortnight or millennium, whichever came first. Below are a few photos that I snapped, and also a few that I stole in order to document said occasion - Dan and his Bro, along with Michelle threw quite the shindig, folks. 

And now a litany of random, inexplicable images to clear the palette...

...Mr Cowan is sure running a kick-balls speakeasy down in the Crossroads, Thou Mayest
is the joint to end all joints. 

...raced some 'cross in the heart of Brownbackistan - Topeka KS - and the course ran through the grounds of the abandoned Menninger Psychiatric Hospital..creepy shit - Googles it.

...this gorgeous tank is in my bike basement collecting dust unfortunately, still bedecked with full racks and panniers, awaiting her next voyage - so sad, indeed.

...hit the Kaw Sandbar in KCK Sunday with the kiddo, still a blast after all these years.

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