Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lobotomy don't bodda me.

In the rare event that Satan in Satin appears before my very eyes and rubs one out in my belly button, let it be known, let it ring from on high, that if somehow my ability to be 110% irreverent  in the face of impotent, vacuous fatuousness, please insert an icepick deep into my nasal cavity and put an end to my misery, my waking nightmare that is the acrid bubble wherein the States of Un-raveled finds itself; take the trash out to pasture, rid the World of the massive mistake that is Turtle Island...

Let us rejoice in the pure and unadulterated entropy that is visible from every fetid corner of our electorate, the culmination of every iota of Right-wing propaganda since 1980. Racism equals fear; fear equals intellectual scarcity; solutions are but one genocide away from Ayn Rand. Fuck you fools.

Aside from a latent drug addiction, bikes and beer are still the holy duality, the balm for empathy, the panacea for mass shall we embark on a visual journey through the digital memory that is the off-road cycling scene here in Kansas City, a shining star in the turd-laden punchbowl that refreshes more than Oprah on a GMO binge...

SSKC happened again...the single-speeded bestest eventest on the Planetest. 

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