Sunday, April 6, 2014

I forgot to remember / Unicorns are real.

In the event that this transmission is intercepted by the N.asty S.aracasm A.sshats before Google Cock pulls the plug on your Granny, let it be known that The Princess passed on a bevy of tasty beverages this very afternoon in leiu of being a responsible parental figure; not a common occurrence to be sure, but lightning does strike thrice on occasion…and as well as staying sober until 8p.m. I am risking an ignorance of dry trail tonight - slight chance of rain is in the forecast - in hopes that my Enve parts will arrive in time for an early afternoon ride on my new Ti 29+, which got a little dirty with spare cockpit bits on Thursday at Roanoke during a quick test ride.

El Blanco Miguel stroking my brakes while I drank his beer and pet his pussy…Hudson.

The above pic is a rough draft, a hastened build by Britton at Volker Bicycles in order that I make a test run on the track of single. Enve stem/bars/post will arrive tomorrow and if the aforementioned rain holds, I will again spank the Roanoke rocks. The frame is a custom Ti, mm to mm exact with a medium Krampus, is made in China and comes in just under 4 lbs. ; the bike with pedals will be a hair over 21lbs. I will do a full run-down of the parts spec and how it rides in a few days - or until my bike boner lets me pee sitting down. (the fork is a Ritchey carbon and the wheels/hubs are Industry Nine laced to Velocity Dually -tubeless ) Dig deeper….

The Chasmgasm and I did a little impromptu 8Lumens meeting at the Bier Station
Friday night and had enough pretentious beer to supply a prom in Brooklyn…wherein I was chastised by the staff for arriving on a skinny-tired cycle.

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