Sunday, June 1, 2014

Red Wine Rim Job.

Dear fucking freetarded Deevil: I have sinned. I have sinned hard and long and juicy. I have sinned with such enamored frivolity that my taint and surrounded fleshy areas are forever stained by the doooooshorny band Stain'd; Johnny Dare be damed, you saxy Harley-riding beast. Cock-Fest…where the trailer trash can cum into the city and pay tribute to all things decadent and a decade past the  cultural consumption due-date…. With that mea culpa out of the closet, the Rim Race transpired with the glee of *956 bi-sexual, one-legged llamas whilst the RAWK was blasting from the Liberty Memorial last night, where the box-wine flowed like semen in the Congressional lavatory and the ratio of pencils to folders was horribly skewed toward the former category. Oh well, at least Dan and I had conjugal relations in Westport in front of at minimum *346 skort-adorned 13 year olds; a travesty of universal proportions that the NSA had to go offline for, in order to whack their collective weasels…

yes those are KCMO cops in support-car mode...

And, in case The Adventure Monkey and my fellow Emporia compatriots felt left out by my inability/lack of desire to ride 200 miles on gravel, here are some stolen images of The Dirty Kanza, which was also concurrent with our abusive, fermented grape rape….

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  1. Fucking Jehovah, that looks like a damn-good time! And the albino dude in the last shot is a lucky SOB to be flanked by such lovely vixens. Bastards.