Saturday, November 29, 2014

Merry ThanksTaking-oween.

Finally, after two days of near-comatose abdominal abdication, my fingers have returned to a non-swollen state, and I can again view my chode in all it's angry glory; no doubt hindered by the continual functional alcoholism that is more funner than a baggie of oregano on the KS/CO border.

But with the Hollipay behind us, let us rejoice in the eyes of the Lard, for the riding has been plentiful and I am just going to buy a camper and park it outside of the Bier Station so as to alleviate any risk of missing out on events such as today's Goose Island release - Bourbon County Stout you had me at jello. I once traded a SS 26er for a single bottle of the nectar -worth $120 on eBay, a 2008 vintage- and though I am not a fan of anything that resembles whiskey/bourbon, I can appreciate the quality of  a beer of this magnitude in small amounts....or large if need be.

...from the lost files of the 8Lumens Cave Crash.

...another fine brew on tap this week.

...Dejay you can slap me over breakfast anytime.

Next week, if all goes as foretold by the Demons, I will travel to Ft. Collins where many miles of single-track will be violated and even more fine micro-brews invested in quantities not unlike a dam being demolished upriver from my mouth...let us hope that the snow can hold its horses until I arrive back here in Kansas Shitty.

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