Saturday, December 13, 2014

Failure is an option.

     There are myriad a method in which to assess personal triumph - the way to succeed and the way to suck eggs - and the first step in this self-analysis is to peruse through the last week of Stagramming to gain insight into the quality/quantity of beer one has consumed. After a 3.5 day trip to Colorado last weekend - ostensibly to ride mountain bikecycles - I returned to KC with a plethora, a cornucopia, a surfeit of micro-brews, all of which are gone as of tonight. The antithesis of any intent ever attempted by yours liarly is the thought of an actual reserve of an intoxicant; i.e. a beer cellar in which to store a future brain/belly-party, wherein a guest can be schmoozed with a display of bottles aged for their enjoyment. Fuck that. I have a bike cellar; that's way porking better.

Butt, as was aforementioned, the riding of the mt. velocipedes was stellar in the Ft. Collins general vicinity, and the denouement might have been the best ride I've had since last winter in Arizona: a 4 hour night ride at the IMBA Epic trails at Curt Gowdy Park in Southern Wyoming. This fetivus of fetus was truly a wind-blown paradise under the full moon - with the Moonmen and Oddity crews - and is on my short list for a return trip wherein I can actually have an asscracking idea of how lost I actually felt 99.9% of the time. I was also able to hit Heil/Hall with the Pirate on a 60 degree day, and then Blue Sky on a chilly, overcast morning, which is blast in the pants with a tailwind. 

an Oscar Blues/Reeb joint in Longmont...badballs.

...many a drunken hour were spent here in the wee hours completing the FatFatFat by Oddity, pictured below.

Fuck me in all three holes, Kansas is way too far from Colorado Pl...Oxycontin anyone?

...Muru Cycles with Nextie carbon rims: yes ma'mamma jamma.

...and I guess I'll be missing SSAZ due to the fact that I'll be attending NAHBS this year with these crazy fuks:

Check it then wreck it.

8Lumens is dead: Long live 8Lumens.

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