Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Uncle Samuel, the myopic traitor.

In light of Stephen Colbert stepping down from his exalted podium of excellence, a new, federal 24hr cycle  of remembrance should immediately be instituted by John Boner and his Senate hacks: Satirical Genius Day; for when the best news and commentary come from those who use triple entendre to make the most cogent arguments against empire and plutocracy, we have a more than a problem, Houston, we have fatuousness run amok. 

And, whilst we are on the topic of Pork and its many antecedents, lettuce look reverse-wise into the non-future, and consider the sheer terror/elation of riding Fatbikes in frozen sand, drinking enough fanky beer to kill off a third-world country and traveling to Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas - a  minuscule slice of Oregon 5 hours from my front steps; no order or linearity required.

Cedar Falls -90ft. Petit Jean 

When we returned from Arkansas, the cocaine had melted...

#hardcorbincummybuns raging on my Krampussy, Kaw River sandbar, KCKS.

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