Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let's get this sharted.

Not that I am somehow pining for anything less than heat, but surely we here in the KC area will get our due in the form of numbing moisture - over 3 weeks without anything measurable now; riding snow-covered trails is a ball of balls on a Fatbike, but give me dry, dusty rocks and roots any day. With that said, I was able to get a pre-thaw ride in out on the Blue River, amongst the blasting heat of the day that quickly turned the trails to muck...El Blanco and I tried last week to hit Swope but found the ground bleeding stored precipitation by the bucket-load. But alas, tomorrow is going to be 70 degrees,  which is anomalous at worst due to the statistical fact that the end of January should be the coldest time of the entire year...oh well, this weekend looks to be shaping up to be a frozen shit-fest, so all this kvetching is forgone to be naught. The main issue at hand is the need to look more like an Olsen twin in time for SSAZ, wherein my thighs will turn to desert jelly upon the first sign of an incline.

Broke out the HugPug for the BuRP ride...#fuckfat.

...and I almost forgot a trip out the now infamous Kaw River Sandbar, which 7 days ago was covered in a foot of ridable ice.

Since the last 8Lumens Bored Meeting was an utter failure - only one member present - I/me/she/it now declare myself the de facto CE E I E I O of said disorganization under the bylaws set forth by our founding whorefathers, and deem the only proper response to be one drowned in the supple juices of barley and hops. Go fuck myself.

Twin Six Ti...want.

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