Monday, January 5, 2015

There's a Steer in my Beer.

What the fuckety fuck just happened? Simultaneously the best and worst week in the history of Kansas City cycling: Street Cred round #1 was a freetarded festival of pain and suffering, not unlike a 6-hour Oprah porn shoot; and the memorial ride for Big Grin was truly a sight to be seen, even though I was forced to work during the procession. Let us begin anew, and pray the Gay away with a donation to SeƱor Huckabee, our next president: Jeb Bush will give him as many handies under the podium in his position as Inherent Vice Chef of Commander, and Rumsfeld will return triumphantly and bomb Hawaii with a drone invasion.

Sean Burns is really looking good these days...

So let it begin...first and foremost, the Memorial Ride for Sexy Pants, the saddest day in recent memory.

8Lumens Green Jacket Brigade in full effect.

Well over 200 riders took

Onward to the pictures of oppression that was the hill-climb race at Street Cred: 12 degrees of stupidity, ad nauseum.

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