Thursday, July 2, 2015

Freedom from dumb.


     I have yet to experience any episodes from season two of 'True Detective' - and the reviews have been mostly lackluster - so it behooves me to use a quote from the first season, "Time is a flat circle", which is a nearly direct translation of Nietzsche's concept of the eternal return which, for this format of discussion we shall use the Cliffnotes for Freetards version: the life you have lived, you must live it as if you will repeat it exactly again and again. In other words, can we all look back at our lives at any given point and be satisfied/happy/proud of all the 'decisions/choices' we have made? And, conversely, would we live that life in a manner that is an exact, literal copy of itself? The last 10 days or so of political activity, spurred by the Supreme Court and State Houses of southern states - and the terrorist attack on the historic church in Charleston - have been overwhelming to say the least, as I have been a vehement leftist activist since I was 17 years old. I have never once wavered over the last   two plus decades in my support for human rights and basic economic justice for all Americans, even though it is an intellectual challenge on a good day to have the fortitude to face the anti-analytical bias that so infuses the areas south of the Mason-Dixon line. Insofar as one can ignore the progressive path that this country is paving, it is akin to bashing one's cranium into a brick wall living in Brownbackistan, surrounded by Social-Luddites who seem to make it their raison d'etre to cling to the artifice of false and fabricated histories, as well as unsupported fears that are not unlike ghost stories told to an under-developed 6 year old. Here in the center of our country, time is not a flat circle insomuch as it is a flat piece of parchment that is being folded into oblivion by the power of persuasion coming at it from the saneness and lucidity of the coastal wrecking-balls of reason...

Before I allow me, myself and I to collapse into a solipsistic daymare, let us return to the source of all frivolity and furtiveness that girds our luscious loins with the juices of manna: the BikeyCycle of off-road proportions...

..too bad you didn't get one of the 100 Oddity Cycles SlingTwats. I'm trading mine for a Donald Trump wig.

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