Monday, July 13, 2015

More bikes, even morer beer.


    On occasion, I will find myself perusing previous posts from this here Pulitwerp-winning blog, and I'm afraid to report, dear readers, that a paradigm rather lacking in sophistication becomes manifestly evident: drink barley-pop, ride, ride, ride and drink more ale than is legal in *34 states. With this proto-confession now out in the open, I shall in no way, shape or form deviate from the predestined path that has been paved by my genetic predisposition; there is no good reason to deny oneself the two, or maybe three things that bring exultation to the fore: breaking piano benches at The Bier Station with a boner-stem 1988 Diamondback mt. bike...

Now that the latest series of deluges have been sopped-up by the 95 degree blast furnace here in the Midwest, we can finally get back to riding single-track, which has mostly been out at Wyandotte County Lake, conveniently  nestled in the deep forests overlooking the Missouri River, and due to the prevailing winds, dries out faster than Trump's hair in a 1982 microwave. There is nothing at all technical about these trails, save for a stray, mildly rocky section, but where they lack in difficulty they make up with ultra-fast flow and steepness that can send a rider at 25mph+ through a tunnel of arboreal goodness that leaves one with watering eyes and shaking arms. But, that, as we all know as mt. bikers, is the key ingredient to bliss on two knobby tires: 2 inches from death at any given moment; a veritable metaphysical battle with the elements; a war of attrition that begins and ends with one's ability to overcome terror and trepidation. 

And now, since I am completely sober for at least the next 2 hours, the remaining photos concerning the last 10 days of festivities will have to exist on their own pathetic merit...

And, two new breweries are officially open to the public (taprooms) as of this last weekend here in Kansas City, Torn Label and 2nd Shift, both in the Crossroads Arts District. (though 2nd Shift had to postpone their shindig 'til this coming weekend) 

...took a little family vacation to St. Louis and the City Museum, as well as Alpha Brewery and 4 Hands Brewing, then south to the Johnson Shut-Ins (pictured above) and Elephant Rocks and Taum Sauk Mountain. 

Used my Oddity Cycles Slingtwat profusely on July 4th, shooting spent smoke-bombs at all the kids.

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