Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On my way to AA...

Now we're talking...imbibing at a gallon per hour rate:

Had a beyond kick-ass ride last night at Landahl Park Reserve in good ol' IndepMo and only had to do 3 lines of meth to fit into the crowd. The Pirate crew was in full effect  and the trails were drier than your Mom's coochie on a Sunday morning.  Many mishaps came to fruition, but overall the mt. biking was like crack to Whitney Houston.  Earlier in the day I lost my fucking mind and purchased a new XS Surly Pugsley for my son's looming 9th birthday:

which to no one's surprise is the most bestest thing a father has ever done in the history of the world; I fully expect my medal of honor from the President any day now...But after such a blessed day came to an end while drooling over 19 year olds in miniskirts at the Foundry,  I had a brief moment of reflection before I passed out with *47 lbs of spicy tots in my belly: riding bikes in any form is not only cathartic,  it burns off the Demons faster than a Kardashian swallows semen...

Cuntwat Out.

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