Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'll Cum on your KOM...

29+ is where it's at folks...get used to it.

Far be it for me to complain about technology and its many nefarious appendages, but the Strava shite is giving my chubby a deflating blow...I completely understand the need for speed and the ego trip that comes along with having the one up on your buds, and the compounding effect of pedal-induced affectations on your "training regimen"; it is unfortunately akin to having your face buried in a smart phone whilst at the dinner table with your family. My distaste may also just simply be that I am fat and slow, but I do love the trails for the dual purposes of escaping from the wired world and for burning off the demons through blood and sweat. So next time your boop-beep machine goes off in my vicinity, make sure and check for a little sample I might have left while you were not looking; which is just a normal night for me in the first place...

BonerPrincess out_

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