Monday, July 7, 2014

FIve out of four ain't bad.

   ...That's the amount of The Maths that I need to suckseed in this modern paradise we call the 21st century folks, it's just that elementary: 750 ml. is the only measurement that matters; 650 if you're a New Belgium/Lagunitas loser. Though, Lagunitas is so cheap, that even the BackDoor Boys can afford to demand it on the riders for their  shows at the most luxurious casinos worldwide.

…tonight's menu for the record. Beer and smoked trouser snake a la amputee.

In the event that I don't get around to talking about all the kick-balls rides I was able to get in this last week- including a blazing fast race out at Wyco - let me apologize at the outset: for all has been Hero Dirt here in KC; at least until tonight when we get slammed with a vengeance from the heathens in Nebraskock. Hopefully the storms pass through quickly enough that the trails are dry by Wednesday so that we 8Lumens cultists can attend a true Pirate Ride for the first time in a year, as Capt. Sparrow is visiting the Farm with the Fam this week…surely there will be a slug-fest out at the Beej's estate one or more nights indeedy. 

So, back to the pink: the child was at the grandparents and the wife was distracted by my hirsute mug, so I rode Swope, BuRP and Landahl on consecutive days - 2+ hours each - and then topped it off with a bloody cherry on Sunday with a few laps out at the Mason's Midsummer Madness race at Wyandotte County Lake. 

…La Pirata on his swanky new sled: Oddity Cycles curvy scurvy supreme.

…me, myself and The Princess after my number plate ripped off at 65mph around the 8Lumens corner.

3rd is the new 4th…without yams even.

David HasselShoff looking saxy-golden as usual...

so many dooshtards, so little time…love you honeys.

That is Gomez from sporting his best Church-going Sachs: full initiation into 8Lumens to come….

…on occasion, racing can be a bit brutal, for Mister Jones at least.

If you are a devotee of all things mt. bike, run don't walk to the urban masterpiece that is the Lake of the Wyco: so many miles of fast, flowy goodness, laden with WPA-era rock structures and enough dusty, forested rocks to keep your steed bouncing along with the glee of *89 one-armed strippers on Ritalin; 15 minutes from downtown KCMO, 5 minutes from Sporting KC park, and 11 hours from your last child-support payment. Cliff and the Masons are a bunch of badass trail builders, plain and simple….

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