Sunday, July 20, 2014

Foto Fartage.

The stories that will remain untold are sundry and myriad and many and morey, and let it be known that the last 10 days contain a plethora of those categorized as such: family vacation, lack of riding - 6 days to be exact - and enough prime Colorado brews to keep one foot in the AA tank. But, now that the trails are dusty dry yet again, I have been able to take advantage of our world-class trail systems here in good ol' KC; 3 days in a row of epic single-track - two of those with the kiddos.

But, back to ultra-violence and avoidance through imbibing science:

Dusted off the ol' SS Pugs for some suburban cycle-biking as well...

And, as many of you in the knowledge knoweth, SSWC went down this weekend in Skankorage AK, and since I am a down-home conservative type, I stayed as far away from this event as possible, so as to save up my sexual stamina and semen storage capacity for SSUSA in Michigan here in two weeks-ish. The below photos are stolen from various criminal elements, whom I will not identify for reasons of National Insecurity.

...if you look closely in the bottom left, your eyes will not deceive you into believing the truth of the Bionic Ninja Keagles sticker on the DC mega-flask.

And now, a few pix from South-Central Colorado...

Garden of the Gods.

Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park.

Royal Gorge.

100% solar-powered coffee house/roastery in Pueblo.

Damn good food and incredible brews...

And finally, and old riding friend of mine's current team car...may the force be with him.

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