Monday, October 13, 2014

It's been awhile, let's just hold hands...

Or not; we could just get right down to the corn-holin'....

In other news of far-less-importance, the trails here in KC are starting to look quite similar to the above photo; a veritable October typhoon/hurricane/deluge of Noah-ish proportions: 6-10 inches in the last 8 days. I almost boarded my trusty ol' Long Haul Trucker to deliver hats to Velo+ this morning but was dissuaded by the simple fact that bike travel in pouring rain in central Johnson County is akin to blowing an 18th Century hooker in Dublin: not safe even with 8 layers of protection and a gallon of Scotch. Riding an indoor trainer might be the last thing I would do next to a Zumba class in Newark, taught by Chris Christie...slightly less boring/futile is going back to my old stand-by, the Nordic Track - which is so sexy that my neighbors gaze through my basement windows and whack themselves dry due to my flab-o-lanch of moobie-slappage.

The consolation prize has even been grabbed away from my greasy little mitts: the rain will more than likely postpone the Spoyals ALCS game until Tuesday night, which means that the National Felons League is the only man-event on the Tele tonight; how will I keep my baby-gravy fertile without violent contact sports? Answer me that.

Spy photo from a Black Sheep 36er with these sick-ass wooden rims.

...Team 8Lumens Alaskan contingent - lead by Jordan - doing what the Palin's find sinful.

Bier Station sticker-bombing...

...Uno is the most racist card game ever invented.

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