Monday, October 6, 2014

It's not heritage, it's hatred - or how I learned to love the Stravassholes.

     So much vitriol, so little time my fellow Turtle Islanders, for all is well and good here in the heartless-land, where 75% of the citizenry votes against its interests, and then wonders, after repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot, why they are bleeding. And, I am kidding about any affections towards the STRAVA - some of my best friends are white, I mean assholes, and this by no means excuses any behaviors exhibited thereof and therefores: golf is not a sport and NASCAR is the modern-day Klan meeting. One is not born with bigotry; one is taught/brainwashed, much like religiosity is handed down through the ages, excused as an evolutionary trait which advances  the tribe. But hey, let's party like it's 2003, and bomb bomb bomb Iran, or any other friend that was yesterday our enemy; at least the Dow-Jones is up for the arms industry...

We are now exactly one month away from the Mid-term elections -which due to gerrymandering mean next to nothing - and, although the Republikkkans will likely take back the Senate, leaving the next two years with absolutely no agenda other than increased Congressional blockage, we on the  Left can rejoice in the simple fact that the debate has shifted so far away from the middle that it is quite likely that my property in Northern Okyhomey will be beachfront by the time I retire. 

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