Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kansas City: Cycling Central

...yeah I know this is last year's flyer but fuck off. This year it is the 18th.

And tomorrow night is this event at Velo+ in Lenexa:

So, as per usual I have gotten ahead of myself, shooting my wad in the eye of the beholder, poking my pee pee where it does noteth belongeth...but what would this world be without self-professed freetards like Team 8 Lumens and their myriad acolytes? I'll tell you: a boring-ass collection of buttwats. So, if you have any question as to the validity of the amazing cycling scene here in KC, there is no other answer than awesome. Yes, I know, the street scene is a bit less than admirable, but BikeWalkKC is taking the shit seriously as far as commuting is concerned - - and, as I have eluded to ad nauseum, the mt. bike trails are beyond incredible here as well. Goddamn Earth Riders you have me sporting an eternal chubby...
Anyway, the point of this tirade is quite austere: KC is the mutha fuka-in shazizzle for all things groovy at this point in history...I have been here since 1998 and trust me, it used to be a barren porta-potty of a city; now we have world-class food/entertainment/beer/cycling/coffee etc. etc. Yes, we may be surrounded by Red-State dipshits, but the hipster virus is spreading, one greasy-haired barrista at a time: don't blink fellow Kaw's Mouth residents, the next thing you know there will be an IKEA and an REI ( which is already open and gave serious money to our trail builders )  in Johnson if that is the litmus test for big-city local and make this city even better than skinny jeans on a donkey in Tijuana.

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