Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fat flat earth nuke...

Soundtrack for the week: Nothing 'guilty of everything' Relapse Records.

Really feel like drinking copious amounts of coffee and writing my blackened heart out, but more important and coherent activities can be found on this snowy, 29 degree day here in KC: mainly, a swanky beer and Girl Scout cookie pairing extravaganza....

Just when the trails were dry and sans snow for the first time in *47 years, yet another moist and freezing blast of bullshite moved in overnight; but the week ahead bodes well for single-track as warmth and lack of precipitation take over the pattern.... Team 8 Lumens was able to convene a small meeting of the man-bags at SMP on Friday night on squishy-iffic, albeit dry trail, and make the *47 mile commute back to KCMO and my 2nd visit to the Bier Station in as many nights:

JL_B8 getting his schnoz all foamy..

Which brings us to the task at hand: saving money and selling off some ill-used bikes from my stable so as to not have to take a 2nd job as a WalFart greeter to finance my addiction to all things 29+...including the above I9/Velocity Dually beauties awaiting my Ti/carbon downward spiral.

Case in point: had to wipe the dust off of this one; time to go to someone with a handlebar mustache and skinny jeans who may or may not be my illegitimate son/daughter.

At least these are still in the fridge so I can have one more night of real beer before I head up to Independence Ave. to make enough money for a 12er of Keystone Light...

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