Sunday, September 21, 2014

7 Lumens of Nope - It's not the humidity, it's the inanity.

As anyone in the knows knows, all the above photographic documentation concerns last night's 8th and suprematist Pub n' Pedal,  a KC Sprints/Oprah convention of convalescent freetardation, wherein the myriad dirtbag/mentally-illist cyclists of the greater Kaw'sMouth area convene to keep the wheat, barley and yeast farmers alive and well. If you were sitting at home diddling your illegitimate iPad I have little sympathy for your loss: though the air reminded me of my many month's turning tricks in a  Thai lady-boy brothel in July, the heated streets of KCMO/KCK were boiling with burned rubber from hundreds of velocipedes; sad and sordid for those who voluntarily avoided the rancid reverie. If you have any trouble piecing together a time-line of the evening's downward spiral, I am afraid there will be a mere modicum of assuagement provided by the Boner Ghost and his Princess'...try to try to try to have patience for those with less IQ points than yourself, and if need be, be present at next weekend's Urban Dirty at Cliff Drive/Kessler Park: a 3 day train-wreck of mt. bike/'cross racing that will surely satiate any remaining cells yet to be pickled by dipsomania...

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