Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't Blog Me Bro...

What a whirlwind week it twas, fine folks of Kansas Shitty, for all was good and fine and dandy wherein mt. biking, 'cross and other shenanigans of the bikecycles communist party were concerned: a tastily rad, 3 day weekend of racing/riding at Cliff Drive and the surrounding trails - built by the indomitable David HasselShoff and his crew of giant Smurfs; and although I did noteth attendeth the KC Critical Mass yet again, I hears it was a doozy. 

Even if ye did not attend the actual festivities on the single-track, the After-Urban rides that followed were taint-tingling as well...butt seriously fellow members of the proletariate, you need to get out to Kessler park and hit the cliff-edged trails that run above the east bottoms of KCMO; and then ride down the pave' to The Local Pig for a sausage or ten. Do it.

And, as a final salvo, in case you and your honey bear bunny were in need of an inquiry into the depths of despair/elation/masterbation that is the 8Lumens Army of None, the below images should tell enough of a story to get your appetite sufficiently whetted...you should sell all your belongings and give the proceeds to the EightLumensForLife-CultOfFutility, because the rest of your days depend greatly on the inclusion of your doomed soul in our organization. Like us on Facefuck and set up an Ello account while you're at it, you complete fucktards. 

...In case you see the CEO and CFO on the streets, let the below artistic renditions be your guide to a successful interaction/inculcation. 

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