Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'll take an order of fried shame and a side of hot regret.

In layman's terms, there is no better way to experience the proximate effects of mobile entropy than to eat 5000 calories of cow flesh after driving 10 miles roundtrip for the luxury of a prepared meal: first world guilt to be sure, but when we, as Westerners have set such a deplorable, atrocious example - read end without means - the ripples are more like tidal waves.  And so begins the previously begun tirade against my own way of life, a stereotypical case study in conformity and general malaise towards one's purely voluntary stasis. It is never enough to protest without first breaking a few windows along the way, knowing that on the false finish line the act of surrender is merely a synonym for temporary, interim death by phalanx commiseration... fuck it: let's party like a horny-ass quadrant of Russian, melting permafrost, releasing methane in quantities yet undiscovered by the 700 Club, aborting as many apolitical babies as possible.

...Pub n' Pedal is cumming; wear 2 condoms.

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