Monday, March 2, 2015

It's been a while, I've missed me.

The absence of loss is not gain in my personal experience, for my old bones have still to fully recover from the ass-over-applecart endo down a rocky cliff I so daintily performed in front a large crowd at SSAZ over 3 weeks ago; oh how time flies whether or not you are having fun. But, alas, all has cum to fruition and I have 11 days off of work, and shall travel to NAHBS in Louisville with the Moonmen-Oddity-REEB crew in order to take my small place in the Kansas City Bicycle Collective Booth...

...which, in all likelihood will look more like the above meme rather than the approved behaviors so supported by the UCI and USA cycling, the latter giving me the national championship in Single-Speed inebriation more soonier than latier.

Butt, let us rejoice in all things concerned with the 3 pillars of societal disfunction: 8Lumens, beer and mt. bikes in the snow/slush. For as it is written, the disciples of soil will gather once again this Wednesday night at the Temple of Swope, KCMO, for a sacrifice to the Gawds of Carnal Carnage for an icy group ride for the ages; one wherein I shall descend to the throne Beelzebub and suck all the known barley-pop in the underworld from his limp member, having shot him full of heroin-laced meth the night before...

Now that our fearless Gub'ner Sam the Satan-Kisser Brownback is duly offended by my curriculum of charismatic snake-charming, let us look into the past 10 days or so go the wondrous brew that is now making it's way to my moobs with Godspeed and good fuck:

Both of these incredible beers were on tap at Cinder Block Brewery...they are doing some serious shit up there in North KC.

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