Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brokeback Mounting....

Ahhhh...the sweet stench of failure farts in my face yet again, the racing at Wyco today less than glorious, my speed less than fast, but overall a fun, dry course with tons of climbing and a bit too much gravel for my single-speed. The company was stellar, though, and many of my butt-ass ugly mt. biker friends were present for the suffering; only the dust in my schnoz was grittier. After the post-race gluttony of tacos and heroin, I felt like partying again and had a personal moment on the drive home listening to the newest Ventura cd which rocks my cock into a shriveled stack of dimes...At least my lover from another mother was there to succor me pre-race, and then smoke the field in the pro event...

Thanks go out to El Blanco Miguel - - for all the Paparazzi
photos and for supplying the pre-race attendees with some hard ass crashing on uphill gravel. Surely one of his *34 concubines will give him a 20 hour sponge bath with multiple happy-endings when they see his bloodied body; which was akin to Medusa on her period. 

My Krampus was the only thing between me and drooling in the gravel...

Next time I "train" for a race, let it not consist of 8 hrs of driveway wrists felt like I had jacked-off 1000 donkeys by the time I crossed the finish line.

Ghost Boner out.

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