Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bionic Ninja Keagles...

Tonight, tonight, tonighiiiiiitttteeee ohh ohhhhhhh.  Yes, this very evening's - and after-hour - reconnoiter mission to the bottoms of Kansas City were quite the success, even if Urethra Franklin had sand in his vajajay and refused to ride the railroad tracks of death: even Handleballs the Valiant cried chicken livers and passed on the ultra-steep freeway embankment that will be a rite of passage on the Ride for Death. All said and dumb, though, many a hobo was massacred, and many a dirty needle pocketed on our pre-ride of the Southern portion of the 'route' should be looking into a living will - or at least call your mommy and wish her well before Saturday night.

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