Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bleep you, bleep me, bleepidy bleep bleep...

Some serious shit has been piling up in the toilet of my mind as of late, and unfortunately I have not been on the trails since last Wednesday...which in and of itself is enough excuse to call in a drone attack on some random Republican district in Texas.  That being said -and all wet dreams accounted for - many a thang has been happening in the recent past that is of utmost import when all is said and dumb. The Pirate finally loaded his Walmart-filling shit into a semi truck and headed west....

...and of course I was a huge help in drinking beer and supervising said packing and stuffing; reminiscent of my last attempt at fisting myself without proper lubrication. El Blanco Miguel said it best when relaying the consensus of the crowd at the final Pirate cXc race: "dude, your new nickname is 'the downward spiral'." But that is neither there nor here nor any-fucking-where when it comes to the recap of the past 10 days: it took at least 4 days for my b.a.c. to drop to a legal limit, and that is actually quite speedy for me if I don't say so me-self...

But at least this week's agenda is shaping up to be a barn-burner of a hoe down....a visit to the newest micro-brewery here in KC: Cinder Block Brewing; and a long-ass trail ride at Swope on Thursday. Sounds good to the Captain Ghost Boner for realzies - I mean, what does the Fox say? I'll tell ya: 'go fuck a retarded llama.'

...so let's get down to the task at tit: talking some bike shite.  JDizzle my shizzle-dog-pizzle stripped his green MukLuk naked and had his way with her this last week, and ended up with an ebony beauty after all was said and done:

It would seem that he has a few friends in medium altitude places, and due to this fact, he got some kick ass paint pasted on his fatty; which is simply euphemistic code for my normal Wednesday night at Buddies. The Porker looks supa-tight, though, and now if he and Jamaal Charles would stop partying every night, maybe the Dizzle would actually get the bike onto some dirt. If you are in the market for a new look for your steed, or if you need to hide the fact that all your bikes are stolen, check out this dude's shit on Facefuck - https://www.facebook.com/breakdowncustompaint - . He does some fine work indeed.....Breakdown Cycles by Helios to be specific; and I here tell Mr. Clay is a devoted follower of the Cuntwat. A fine, upstanding citizen for sure.

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  1. I am as famous as Miley Cyrus's pickled ass cheeks!