Friday, November 8, 2013

Ba Donka Bonk...

It looks as though one brave soul is willing to put his/her life on the line tonight and ride with me out into the beautiful 60 degree weather to take another care package of beer and cheer to Mr. Fisk after his knee surgery success yesterday. Although the wind is blowing more leaves than Paris Hilton, an urban mt. bike ride is always more enjoyable than it sounds, especially when stops are made at Swagger and the Bier Station. And, though I have to work in the morning, I plan on attending the hippest 'cross race in the area -  at the Heartland Park dirt track in Topuka KS - Saturday night, racing under the raceway lights with my Slimen Und Grossen team members. I again will ride either the Jones or the Krampus, because when you have 3 other real 'cross bikes - one that is full carbon and weighs 17 lbs. - one should always choose a 28lb. steel beast that floats up stairs and other obstacles: and if the keg is flowing correctly, with no hands.

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