Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hatred abated...for now.

Last night, in the middle of a drunken maelstrom of disgust and apathy, I wrote an epithet-ridden tirade on the state of the human race - read the American experience - and the downward spiral that is ever so evident to anyone with half a brain...but all is lost, so to speak, as I have decided to join the masses in their amazing aptitude for avoidance, and instead, focus on the pointless endeavor that is denial. In other incoherent affirmations, I am passing the buck; voiding the negative that overwhelms me on an hourly basis, following the lemmings off the cliff, in hopes that a mattress factory has dumped its rejects at the bottom.

Instead, I chose consciously to burn the demons from every drop of blood in my veins, and raced a little 'cross this morning on my Jones 29+ SS...which ended up being 50 minutes of pure, unadulterated painful bliss; which I am currently attempting - in vain - to kill off with a 750 of Imperial Pilsner. My son raced as well, slaying the 6-9 age group on his Pugsley -which is far more impressive than anything his father did this week, flirting with Bier Station patrons notwithstanding. All said and not done, though, this panacea was effective in parlaying my anger for the citizens of this fine and dandy ( George Carlin rest in pieces ) country of ours, and kept me from revoking my citizenship and dragging my family to Amsterdam; a threat that I have been espousing for nearly 15 years now. Cheers, you freetards...

Thanks to Chris-Go the Magnifcunt for the photo...

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